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<i>Roylerow</i><i>Performance Training Programs</i>
<i>Roylerow</i><i>Performance Training Programs</i>

RoylerowPerformance Training Programs

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The science behind the training programs

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The performance-based training categories that Marlene uses for her training plans are adapted from those she used during her career as an elite rower. The fitness assessments and training categories are based on sound physiological research and decades of experience by herself and the thousands of athletes she has trained, including Olympians and Paralympians.

The science behind Marlene’s plans is based on the work of Dr Volker Nolte and Dr Wolfgang Fritsch, with whom Nolte worked in Germany. Marlene’s exposure to their research began as an athlete working with Ed McNeely, the long time physiologist and strength training consultant for Rowing Canada.

As with any system training, everyone's a little bit different. Marlene makes modifications as needed to help you reach your goals.

Further Reading
  • After retiring from competitive sport, Marlene continued her work with McNeely, co-authoring Skillful Rowing (2002), a comprehensive book of rowing training and technique.
  • Rowing Faster (Second edition, 2011), Volker Nolte, editor. Rowing Faster (First edition, 2004), Volker Nolte, editor.

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