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Client Comments

"After rowing in a competitive sweep program for several years, I found the transition to the single rewarding, but also quite difficult. Far too often, my workouts lacked purpose and intensity. What I like best about working with Marlene is that every workout has a purpose, and is one small part of a well-conceived plan. I go into races now more confident and prepared than ever before, and my race results have improved steadily in the 16 months that I've been working with Marlene. Whenever people remark on my success over the last year, I'm always quick to credit Marlene's training program. I enthusiastically recommend her training services!"

Tony Andrews
Developer of
SpeedCoach Mobile
Bronze, USRowing NW Regionals, Men's Lwt. AA-Cx, 2005
Bronze, USRowing NW Regionals, Men's C1x, 2005

"I couldn’t have done it without Marlene’s training and advice."

Jennifer Bank
FISA World Masters Champion, E-F2x and 4x, 2002

"I was making slow progress working on my own, but my workouts tended to be repetitious, and it was sometimes hard to get myself to do them.  I knew that I didn't really know what I was doing, but I didn't know what else to do.  Then a friend told me about Marlene, and his good experience with her, and I signed up. Marlene does know what she's doing.  She tailors my workouts to my time availability.  She works me harder than I would work myself, but the workouts have variety and interest.  She includes core strength exercises that never would have occurred to me.  Plus, she's a sounding board and encouraging. I've been with her over three years now, and the improvement in my level of fitness has been steady."

Dan Bort
Gold, FISA World Masters Regatta, G1x, 2010
Gold, USRowing Masters National Championships, Lwt. F1x, 2006, 2007, 2008, Lwt. G2x, 2010
Gold, USRowing NW Regionals, Men's F1x, Men's Lwt. E1x, 2007, 2008, 2009

"There are many comments from experienced, talented and accomplished rowers on this page. I am none of these things. I started the sport a few years ago and have been working hard to be one of those people on this page with a resume of accomplishments. As a dedicated anaerobic athlete for most of my youth, the switch to an aerobic based sport was filled with all kinds of questions and challenges about how to get into shape for this sport. Marlene and her program helped fill the holes. Her programs will work you hard, but you will see the results. I have done two winter trainings using her program. At the end of each winter training, the lactate tests have verified how much better I was getting. I even won my first race this year at Cooper River. All credit goes to Marlene!"

Scott Collins
Gold Mixed 2x, Catch the Cooper Masters Regatta, 2009
Author of "Southerners Do Not Row, A Boomer's Fitness Tale"

"Marlene Royle is a brilliant, dedicated trainer. Her Roylerow Performance Training Programs produce phenomenal results, and reflect the kind of excellence any competitive single sculler could appreciate."

Barbara Corrigan
Canadian Henley Champion, Masters Women's 1x, 2003

"For someone who tends to overtrain, I am so glad to have Marlene as my coach! My performance has improved with her training plans and she is always there for me to answer questions or make adjustments."

Sue Dandridge
Silver, World Masters Games, Women's D 1x, 2005
Winner, Ernestine Bayer Race at the Head of the Charles, Women's Recreational 1x, 2005
Winner, Head of the Lake, Masters Women's D-F1x, 2005

"Marlene has been terrific with challenging workouts that, in the past two years, that has brought me to a new level in both sprinting and head racing. Rowing a single can be lonely (isolating). Having a daily plan, you never question what to do or how you’re feeling, you just do it! Her attainable workouts fit my schedule and can be very demanding. She is a Pro at coaching. She knows what it takes to win, both physically and mentally."

Diane Davis
Gold, USRowing Nationals Championships, Women's C1x, 2008
Gold, North American Open Water Championships, Women's 1x, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
2nd place, Head of the Charles, Grand Masters Singles-Women, 2007, 3rd place 2008, 2nd place 2009

"I have been delighted with the advice and online training that you made possible for me. Though I’m a physician and a crew coach and know a fair amount about exercise physiology, my workouts were stale, not creative and boring. The worst part was that people I used to beat on the water were beating me.When I saw your ad in the rowing magazine I jumped at the chance for some help and direction.I particularly like the way you categorize workouts at different intensity levels based on my personal best for a given distance. This made a lot of sense in my training.Right off the bat I felt like you were “killing me”, but I certainly needed it. We built my aerobic base for several months before the Head season, and the results really showed it. I started winning races again and improved my performance a great deal even at the big ones like the Head of the Hooch, missing gold by only 4.5 seconds. In 2005 I won for the first time in many years. I came in 2nd at the CRASH-B’s in 2005, improving my score remarkably.Your training also helped me immeasurably in my coaching, as that had gotten stale too. The Berry College Viking Crew started winning medals against the big schools with big budgets and full time coaches. This has gotten the school’s attention to hopefully achieve Varsity status. The last two seasons have been very exciting with much better motivation and inspiration on the part of the team.I’m eternally indebted to you for your expertise and knowledge."

Ham Dixon
Gold, Tennessee Indoor Rowing Championships, Veteran Men, 2005
Silver, Crash-B Sprints World Indoor Rowing Championships, Veteran Hvy. Men (70-74). 2005
Bronze, USRowing Masters National Championships, Men's H1x, 2005

"For me, the satisfaction I derive from my sculling is directly proportional to how well I prepare and execute my training program. Marlene's coaching not only makes such a training program possible, but also does so in the context of a very busy personal and professional schedule. Sculling is hard work: make your time and effort count to the fullest, hire a coach, hire the best, hire Marlene."

Craig Drake
Gold, USRowing SE Regionals, Men's C1x, 2005, 2007
Winner, Quaker City Masters Regatta, Men's D1x, 2005
Winner, Hampton Roads Ergo Pull, Senior Men, 2005

"In addition to being an excellent personal trainer, Marlene is a superlative coach. She was totally accepting of my fitness level and designed a personalized plan for me to work towards my goals. In six months, she guided me in improving my 2k time on the erg from a 7:59 to a 7:05 at the CRASH- Sprints. I credit Marlene for helping me become much more fit, less fat, and more energetic than I have been in years."

Jim Evans
Personal Best at Crash-B's 2000 and 2001

"Mike Miersma and Jesse Bates, seniors at The Cambridge School of Dallas, were gold medalists in the 2006 USRowing Junior National Championships held in Cincinnati, OH, in the men's double event in June. They had won the bronze medal in the same event in 2005. Miersma and Bates were two time attendees at Craftsbury's summer rowing camp and greatly benefited from a customized training program designed by Marlene Royle. The Cambridge rowing program, which also holds four course records in the Marathon Rowing Championships in Natchitoches, LA as well as 2006 state and regional titles in the men's double and novice women's quad events would have faired poorly after the loss of its original head coach had it not been for Marlene's training plans."

Pat Hamner
The Cambridge School of Dallas

"Marlene Royle has been my trusted guide with my rowing. As a coach, Marlene is the real thing. She's ready when you are, as she provides a training program that is exciting and feel yourself progressing at just the right pace. Her availability as a coach has enhanced my rowing technique as well as my training both on and off the water. Her advice with respect to setbacks has been invaluable as she helped me make decisions that allowed me to stay on track. Marlene is a great teacher. Whether I want to pursue hearty long distance rows or the possibility of racing, I know that she knows how to help me meet those goals."

Sue Hess
Dedicated Masters Recreational 1x Sculler

"Her frequent email and phone contacts are very supportive and highly motivational. If you train alone, you’ll have a partner with her program. Marlene’s been through it all and she appreciates the added demands of Masters rowers."

David Ireland
USRowing Masters National Championships, Bronze, G2x, 2005
Megunticook Mini-Marathon, Masters 2x Gold, 2002

"I was amazed how quickly my fitness improved. Marlene’s program not only helped me develop an excellent base but also helped me gain the confidence in my strength that I need for competition."

Laura Kunkemueller
Masters sculler