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Tip of the Blade: Notes on Rowing
Marlene Royle
© 2008, ISBN: 978-1-4196-9386-1. Pages 416. Paperback.
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Tip of the Blade: Notes on Rowing is a collection of over 100 articles by sculling coach and Rowing News columnist, Marlene Royle. Each piece offers a hands-on, practical approach toward improving your understanding of the sport of rowing. Ranging from your first outing in a shell to steering a perfect race, the topics covered in nine chapters include: flexibility, breathing, posture, core strengthening, coordination, skill development, aerobic conditioning, recovery, oarsmanship, sweep and sculling technique, rhythm, boat stability, bladework, performance drills, self-coaching, mental training, event planning, starts, sprinting, head-style events, marathoning, rigging, erging, and coaching. Whether you are a trainer planning the fall season for your novice squad, a competitive sculler who needs to improve stroke length, or a recreational rower looking to gain more fluidity, this anthology has valuable information to help you develop your technique, methods, and results.

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Skillful Rowing
Ed McNeely and Marlene Royle
Oxford: Meyer & Meyer Sport (UK) Ltd., 2002, ISBN 1-84126-084-3. Pages 182. Paperback.
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This book is a comprehensive look at rowing training and technique. Loaded with illustrations and photos this book provides the reader with everything they need to develop their skills and performance on and off the water. Detailed descriptions of the strokes and drills leading to perfect technique will allow the reader to develop the finer points of rowing skills. Chapters on strength training, aerobic conditioning, program planning, and rigging will help readers from beginners to masters to get the most out of their time and improve their performance in the most efficient way. Information on tapering and race preparation will ensure that everything comes together on the big day.

Edward McNeely, M.Sc., has been the physiologist and strength-training consultant to Rowing Canada since 1992. He has written chapters and articles for coaching manuals and rowing magazines in both Canada and the US. He is a regular speaker at rowing conferences and is currently the physiologist for the Masters Rowing Association.

"Congratulations on Skillful Rowing! I particularly like the breadth of coverage and the fact that your audience was focused on the rower rather than the coach-and that rower was a masters rower. Don't know of another book like it."

Jane Morse, Community Rowing, Boston

"It's the most useful book to come along in rowing that I've seen."

Ed Winchester, Rowing News Magazine